Prepaid cards

Prepaid cards are experiencing unprecedented growth, with businesses around the globe harnessing this platform and adopting what is today the world’s fastest growing payment method.

The rapid expansion of this payment medium is now essential for companies that are customer-focussed, where companies need a way to access target markets where banks are not in common use.

Providing these consumers with prepaid cards can allow them to access their salary, which can be automatically credited to an account by employers, and which can go on to provide for a better way of budgeting.

Providing individuals within such markets with a prepaid card solution is then not only an option for streamlined consumer money management, but is also a way of building consumer trust and, ultimately, growing business.

Such a solution also goes beyond merely opening up a customer segment, to additionally offering interchange income each time the customer makes a transaction. Prepaid cards are then an invaluable addition to a financial product range, particularly as a prepaid card customer can easily go on to purchase other financial products from the same provider.

Support that helps you grow your business

Our Prepaid Card solutions offer a wide range of services to assist you in developing your business and, alongside the expertise of our team, we deliver prepaid card programmes that grow consistently and rapidly.

To do this, our solutions are completely white label, including our internet banking service – all of which is finished off with a suite of insightful reports and comprehensive tools for card program management.

CARDPAY: An industry leading provider of prepaid solutions

Our Prepaid card service provides for an all-in-one solution that supports your needs from beginning to end, with a team who are always on hand to answer your questions or queries. Yet we know that beyond an explanation of our services, and a description of our customer service standards, clients considering our services rightly seek the peace of mind that CARDPAY is the company to partner with, and the provider to harness all that prepaid solutions can deliver.

In short, all of this delivers one thing for you, our end client: the reassurance that your prepaid cards will be accepted throughout the world, spanning hundreds of countries and tens of continents.

Ready to get started? Talk with the CARDPAY team about the perfect prepaid solution that could be built around your business!

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