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Online payments

The CARDPAY payment gateway: Easily and securely integrating merchant accounts, with eCommerce solutions

There’s a world of customers that await online products and services, and with our online payments processing service both they and their merchant can look forward to fast, effective transactions that are backed up by unrelenting security standards.

We are a principal member of the Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay payment systems, providing cards payment processing  to those within the European region, who trade globally.

We appreciate the importance of being able to accept the wide range of payment methods that are today so common, and have developed payment services that have been designed for operating within just such a varied global landscape.

Seamlessly, and easily, integrated

We’re committed to creating solutions that focus on each and every client, which is why we provide two main forms of integration:

Hosted Payment Page

When choosing our Hosted Payment Page the merchant redirects their customers, alongside the order details, to our CARDPAY branded secure payment page; it is here that all payment data is entered, and from where this data is then sent to our secure server.

This simplistic solution ensures that the merchant never needs to directly store payment data and, following payment completion, the customer is returned to the merchant store.

External Payment Page (gateway mode)

An External Payment Page provides for a seamless payment experiences where the end customer remains upon the company website, rather than being directed to CARDPAY’s processing center. The process behind this involves a merchant initiated order through a direct and secure connection to our server – this in return provides the link for redirecting the end customer onto the security page where a 3DS check will be undertaken. Finally, the customer is returned to the merchant, with the transaction either confirmed or declined.

When choosing this solution, the merchant is responsible for the security of data that is entered, stored and transferred, all of which must comply with PCI DSS standards.

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