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Management & Reporting

A Management & Reporting System that contains essential applications for insightful business data analysis, control over transactions and for the seamless management of accounts and funds

As soon as a merchant is registered with CARDPAY, they’ll be granted with the digital keys to a collection of applications, with each being intuitively designed for ease of use, providing access to:

Welcome to your dashboard

From the home screen of our management center the merchant is able to access an array of management tools; it is here that the latest transactions can be viewed and relevant data can be explored through charts and statistics; the merchant can filter through this data with a wide range of sorting tools and gain an instant snapshot of recent trading with transactions that are grouped by status and filtered by time intervals.


The Report system

The report system provides an array of different financial and technical reports, which include settlements and turnovers – these can either be built upon a regular basis, or can be produced at custom intervals.


The Transaction Management Tool

This tool is the ideal practical partner for the average merchant – providing all that is needed to effectively monitor and manage their transactions. It is here that extensive information can be explored, covering merchant payments, refunds, pay-outs and more.

The Analytics Tool

This separate application completes our suite of management and reporting services by offering a wealth of dynamic reports and charts, built from data analysis that emerges from each of the other sections of the system.

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