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E-commerce solutions

Since 2009 CARDPAY have led the way with E-commerce services, providing an extensive array of payment processing solutions.

A bespoke approach for each and every client
With a wealth of clients spanning many industries and business types, within countries and continents around the globe, our reputation precedes us; and we proudly offer a completely individualised service to flex and fit the needs of each client who we have serve.

An unrelenting focus upon security
Our security standards have each contributed to CARDPAY today looking after clients that seek a service within which they can trust, knowing that we adhere to some of the most stringent security standards in the world, whilst equally following robust security procedures that harness powerful Anti-Fraud technology.

Always evolving, always improving
We continually focus upon innovation, with an eye always upon how we can improve and expand our services; we act upon feedback from our partners and solidify plans for improvement through research. To this end, CARDPAY is a partner whom you can rely on to always meet the demanding needs of the client who operates within the e-commerce market – keeping up with trends and staying one step ahead of industry and technological change.

A seriously flexible range of integration options
Our payment solutions provide a wealth of ways in which they can be integrated, including: direct API, ready-made plugins for a number of CMS and platforms and an SDK for different programming languages.

We also provide the essential and feature rich sandbox (which offers special test tools and cards), so developers can religiously test each and every capability and function before going live.

Finally this is all wrapped up with the always open, twenty four seven support that CARDPAY has always offered – so that there’s someone always on hand who’s ready to advise and guide our clients to assist in the integration process.

Want to learn more? Head over to our CARDPAY Developers’ area!

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