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Clients We Serve

Today, the global trading landscape is experiencing significant transformation and development; an increasing number of innovative technology start-ups are appearing who, alongside well-established traditional goods and services providers, are choosing automation and online expansion as a key development vector of their business strategies.

However such a sweeping shift of emphasis towards global e-commercialization equally brings new challenges and questions related to online operations: how to ensure data protection? How to build an efficient website and optimize business-processes? How to set up the best payment infrastructure?

In order to effectively cope with all of these challenges and mitigate the risks, companies have to focus on finding a reliable and professional partner, able to provide an all-in-one solution.

At CARDPAY we have the know-how of specific business needs and requirements, acquired through our extensive experience working with customers globally and from a wide range of industries.

CARDPAY, as a Financial Institution, is here to deliver a selective range of services including online acquiring, corporate payment accounts opening, cards issuing and many others.

If you are either a promising start-up or a mature international business representing one of our favorite verticals, such as E-Commerce, Software Development, FinTech , Gaming Studio, Venture Capital, Finance etc., or you feel that your business model is unique and you are the “Next Big Thing” – you are most welcome to apply for CARDPAY services. We’ll be happy to help you meet your business needs in a proficient and timely manner.

Ready to join CARDPAY? Apply now!

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