• Quick and easy integration with your website.

    The integration process is quite easy to complete: select one of the ready-made modules for popular management systems or apply your own solution using our API.

    The website developers can receive a detailed API and an integration process description document as well as study the application examples and FAQs with the answers to the questions arising during the application process.

  • CardPay offers excellent card processing terms for your website.

    CardPay offers excellent terms and conditions for bank cards e-payments combining high-grade security and easy application. No subscription fees or hidden commissions!

    Learn more about the advantages of cooperation with us and complete a simple questionnaire to begin the process.

  • Different help options and a 24-hour support service.

    The interface of the management system is built with user-friendliness in mind and includes an on-line user manual and video examples.

    It is very likely that you may find the question to your answer in our integration FAQ or support FAQ.

    If you need our company’s technical support specialist’s advice you can use our Feedback system.

    It allows you to forward your question directly to an expert.